International Blogger Photo Challenge

We're partnering with New Zealand Photographer, Sarah Hodgett, to answer questions and help define the best practices to help bloggers work with professional photographers. As you know, before Nan Mac started Iron Feather Tea, she was (and still is) a commercial photographer. Her professional page is


10 Posts

Sarah and I will be collaborating on the answers for the top 10 questions bloggers have. Plus, new bloggers may not realize that professional photographers have standards and guidelines they must adhere to. They also have the experience and creativity to help a fashion blogger pose like a top fashion model or create a product shot that far exceeds a boring "flat lay." Find out what should you know and what you should expect when working with a pro. 

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10 Photos

Each of the above posts will include our pick for applause. Submit your work for a chance to be one of our top 10. We'd like to see your best work and show other bloggers and brands exactly what you can do. We'll pick the top 10 for the first 6 months of 2018. If you shoot it in July 2018, it won't qualify until the Holiday showcase. It's an informal recognition of your hard work and, right now, it's not a paid contest and their are no prizes other than our approval and recognition.

To participate, you'll need to sign up here. 

  • Deadline August 5th 2018. 
  • All submissions must be featured on a Blog between the dates January 1st 2018 to June 30th 2018.
  • It costs nothing to submit and there are no prizes. (This time!) 
  • You must be 18 to enter. 
 Sarah Hodgett

Sarah Hodgett


Sarah Hodgett is the founder and CEO of The Sevelly Collective along with being a professional photographer, website designer, and social media manager.    
As photographer, Sarah covers weddings, engagement, boudoir, maternity, newborn and commercial photography. Recently, she decided to branched out into Social Media Marketing and Website Design. 
Sarah has trained  in workshops in New York, Melbourne, Sydney, and London with the likes of Emily Soto and Lara Jade. Photography motivates her to see and visit new places. She has been lucky enough to photograph models in a variety of different countries. Some of Sarah’s highlights have been photographing Gin Wigmore, John Key, Avalanche City, and Prince William. Follow Sarah on Facebook.

 Nan Mac

Nan Mac


Nan has been a photographer since she was 12 and got an "instamatic" camera called a Swinger. For more than three decades, Nan has shot fashion, editorial, commercial and even market research campaigns for global industry giants: Pfizer, Revlon, to name just a few.  
She specializes in Architecture, Product and Food, and Fine Art photography. She’s one of two women worldwide who won Communication Arts Magazine’s Excellence in Photography award in both 2013 and 2015. She won 2018 recognition on Houzz as one of the Best Photographers for their 40 million viewers. She is listed with Charleston's Gibbes Museum in the 1858 Society for Contemporary Southern Art.  

We can't wait to see your work!

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