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Whistle River Trading

Whistle River Trading

Normally, Friday is Philosophy Friday but not today. I have a piece all written to share with you but I’m holding it until next week. Today, I have to tell you about Whistle River Trading.

They contacted me some time ago and asked if they could send me two garments for my review. My spam folder ate the email but they, fortunately, wrote back. 

I say fortunately because I’m in love. I cannot tell you how much these garments have impressed me. (Dee, you will love them!) I’m pretty picky about both my clothes and my affiliates. I choose quality over quantity. If it takes longer to build my business, that’s okay because if I’m going to support the women of my generation as they polish their look and lives, I want to do it authentically. 

Floral Velvet Burnout skirt. My new favorite.

So, I did some research on this company and here’s what I found. The parent company is Advantage Apparel Company and they’ve been in business for over 20 years. And - get this - they are their own manufacturers! They make all their own clothing. It’s not outsourced. They have their own facility in Guatemala. They’re careful to ensure high standards of labor and living for the people and families that they employ.  The company makes a difference in a place where it’s really needed. We want to support that.

One of their companies, Frontier Classics, made the costumes for The Magnificent Seven, Django Unchained, Deadwood, 3:10 to Yuma, and Westworld. Most of the garments made there are from reproductions of actual garments from the 1870’s and 1880’s. Since you know I LOVE Victoriana and historic items, you can bet I was captivated. 

Whistle River Trading, though, is new AND is geared to my generation of fabulous women. 

Here’s my experience.

First, they sent me the Ohio Pleated Jacket in Taupe Flannel.

Their website does NOT do justice to the jacket. It is exquisite. The construction of the lining and pleating is sewn with precision. The pleats are sewn in place to retain their sharpness. The charmeuse satin lining simply gleams. It slides on like the Butler held it for you. The flannel is soft but still lightweight. The piece is oversized enough to fit over bulky sweaters and long enough to cloak the right places. In short: this jacket makes you feel like you got a reward just for being you. 

I paired it with the skirt below and also my own pair of jeans, because you know I like versatility as well as a handsome appearance. 


Next was the Rio Grande Velvet Burnout Skirt. 

It rustles. This perfect skirt has a taffeta satin lining and it rustles like a skirt from an Edith Wharton novel. Everything feminine and fine is murmured in the rustle of a taffeta skirt.  (In Edith Wharton’s novels, the ‘rustle of skirts’ is always heard by men. Wink Wink) Go now and buy this skirt because no one makes everyday skirts that rustle.  Especially when this whispering underskirt is hidden under a velvet burnout floral topper and both have black lace edging. 

The top, belt, and boots are my own. 

It’s now the favorite skirt in my entire closet and not one of you can borrow it!! Go get your own!! Seriously. Go get it. 

Just the box and wrapping makes you feel special.

Details. it's all the details. 

Both items were wrapped in signature tissue, with a Whistle River sticker. A thank you card arrives with them. The back of the card matches the tissue. These people are detail oriented and they, obviously, care about what they’re sending out. 

SO…If you’re a connoisseur of fashion (or literature), your sense and sensibilities will be well pleased. If you have zero taste (and have never even read Edith Wharton or Jane Austen) then this is a good place to acquire some. 

Click here and at least go look at Whistle River Trading. Save an immediate 20% when you join their email list.

The skirt would go well with cowboy boots or booties but I paired it with classic English riding boots. The boots I'm wearing in these shots look like these or these, or these.

Ordering Notes: The jacket sleeves are long enough so you can roll them if you're petite and taller ladies will be delighted. Perfect!

The skirt waist runs small, order up a size. I wear a size 6 and got a medium. It went over my hips with no problem but the fit around my waist was snug. If you like a more roomie fit, go up a size. 

  • They have sizes up to 3x and they do not charge extra for BBW sizes.
  • Free shipping, Free returns, and Free exchanges (within continental US)
  • 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee

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