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Have you tried living your art?

Have you tried living your art?

Savannah Steps 2018

Aristotle indicated that he was glad of a certain distance between a work of art on one hand and life on the other, though he understood human beings like to create texts (art) as it reflects and represents reality. Plato, however, seemed more certain that truth for the humans was the bailiwick of a Philosopher, not an artist. Poets, he felt, are equiped with a divine madness. (A truth to which I can attest.) 

While I'm always up for discussions of art, philosophy and divine madness, let us not forget the style in which the both the artist and his muse might be garbed. (Because Fashion!)

18 years ago, a friend of mine took this picture of me ascending a set of steps in Savannah in a twirly skirt. He was one of my photography teachers and so very talented. I found it was an honor to be captured by his camera. He eventually used the picture in this class brochure. The trip and the shot lives in my memory as lovely time. I kept the skirt and top. (The hat was, I believe, swept away in that great sirrocco known as the Winds of Divorce.) 

A photo of me used in an old brochure. Savannah Steps 2005

A photo of me used in an old brochure. Savannah Steps 2005

Before I talk about shopping for a new skirt like this beauty, and before the philosophy gets lost in the noble pursuit of finding a such a twirly skirt, I wanted to put forth this idea - this philosophy - this wisdom. Live your life as if it were art. A work of art. As if you are a work of art. Made by a master hand. Or possibly having artists clamoring to paint or photograph you. Picture yourself as the subject of great art. Smile your very own Mona Lisa smile. 

Each set of stairs you navigate, straighten your spine and square your shoulders. Hold your head high and Be the Art. Live your life as if you are already a living legend. Start now, amid whatever season in which you are living in your life. Today. I tell you this because I didn't think that way back when this photo was taken and I wish I had. Now I do and it makes life much more fun. 

So, it's now 2018!

This year, as winter finally died a dramatic and overly long death scene. (Poorly acted and not appreciated by most of the audience.) I stumbled upon my box of summer wardrobe stuff. This old skirt was nestled forlornly at the bottom of the box. I think it felt hopelessly awkward and out of style but I granted it a reprieve with a (properly used) Tide Pod and an Iron. 

Long, floral skirts are back this year and, should you so dare, so are cropped tank tops. (Going barefooted is always a spring favorite in my part of the world. You may hear it called Earthing or Grounding. It's very healthy.) This is the PERFECT outfit for grounding. 

You can recreate the Twirly-Skirt look with ease at whatever price point makes you happy. The good news is Grounding is free and appropriate any time you intend to be outdoors. Just prepare for hot pavement and lunch. Tuck some ballerina slides into your purse. (No shoes no shirt no service is still a thing for good reason.)

When it comes to twirling, who can forget the scene in You've got Mail when the bookstore closes? The Mother/Daughter twirl. (hand me tissues!) I also have to mention that, no matter your age, twirling in a lovely skirt while barefooted on the grass is a MARVELOUS stress reducer. Give it a whirl. (no pun)

You might also consider getting an extra skirt for your daughter or granddaughter. I stumbled across this lady on Facebook sometime back. I don't have a daughter or a granddaughter but if I did, I'd be Twirly Girl's best customer. Since I don't, I'm sharing with those of you who do. She's not an affiliate. I just like her ideas. Twirl with your granddaughter. Make a memory. 

Make a memory.

Here you can shop the look:

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