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The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change

Me, my hair, and my favorite fuzz ball, Uncle Bob!

Me, my hair, and my favorite fuzz ball, Uncle Bob!

Iron Feather Tea is going through some changes. In fact, it’s going away in February. It’s been a year of super experiences and learning. I’ve made a tremendous number of new friends. I’ve learned so much about Influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, networking and social media. I’ve met gifted women with amazing stories.

Those women really created an impact on me. Doing my blog led me to the world of women who have been pushed, by nature, into a culture they didn’t realize existed. For many, it started with hormonal changes and reading glasses but, in some cases, it led to the trauma of a potential implosion. So many women starting feeling haunted by alarming visions of being old and useless, but then, a kind of riotous alchemy started occurring.

There’s been a quiet but massive chain reaction that compelled these women into a personal revolt against the age machine. But this brouhaha is still somewhat inaudible in the larger culture. Unfortunately, Politics has sucked the air out of the room and infiltrated layers upon layers of cultural outlets. Humor, movies, award shows, books, music, magazines, and even our kitchens and restaurant choices are being impacted by political winds. Like a poison gas, it seeps in everywhere.


These over 50 women, however, aren’t actually being silent. They’re posting blogs, starting businesses, writing, learning cameras and editing software; they’re reaching for new skills and refusing to fade. When our youth-oriented culture assigns them the role of “Old Lady,” these women are rolling their eyes, declining the script, and disobediently defying the expectation.

For a while, I had thought it was just me, you know, being a rebel and refusing to cut my hair. But to my delight, I found I’m not alone. I’ve found pockets of these gutsy nonconformists all over social media. I call them Rosie’s Daughters and I am so proud to be one of their ranks. We are the most unique generation of women in history. Read the blog post to find out why. It’s pretty cool.

Soon, I realized that, while social media is a good thing, it tends to control who sees what. We end up getting caught in those little pockets but people outside of our pocket don’t get an opportunity to see all the fabulousness on the inside. Outside of social media, I got curious about why we aren’t seeing more about women and their lives in our media. So, I did some research and found something kind of shocking about our media.

How do you learn to be a woman in a room full of men?

While we were busily leading our lives, our media companies have changed dramatically in the last 25 years. In 1983, 90% of the United States media was controlled by 50 different companies but today, according to a 2016 article by Forbes, 15 men provide your news. That’s correct. 15 men operate all the news sources you hear. No women. Even the women’s magazines at Hearst Magazines, with female editors, are actually directed by male CEOs. So, add those publishers in and that makes 17 men who are controlling all your media.

But the actual news programing can be attributed to only 5 men. Joseph Ianniello at National Amusements parent company of CBS News, Bob Iger at Disney the parent of ABC News, John Stankey with AT&T, who just bought CNN, Brian L. Roberts with Comcast the parent of NBC News and MSNBC, and Rupert Murdoch with Newscorp, the parent of FOX News.

Today, the 5 men above control your television news. Five. Men.

What about Newspapers?? The McClatchy Company owns 30 newspapers in 29 markets and 14 states and is operated by a man named Chris Forman. Gannett Company published 85 newspapers including USA Today and is operated by a man named Robert J Dickey. Tribune publishing is the 3rd print powerhouse with around several newspapers. It’s operated by a man named Justin Dearborn.

These three print powerhouses have recently joined forces to create the group Nucleus Marketing Solutions that will have the ability to reach a combined 168 million unique visitors on the publishers’ digital platforms and will offer access to 70 percent of consumers in the top 30 U.S. markets. All controlled by men. 70% of all consumers will be targeted by these 3 men.

All total, that’s about 20 men that control most of the media in the country. (It’s 21 if you include NPR’s CEO, John Mohn and, if you add in the top 5 Book publishers, only one has a female CEO.)

How can one over 50 woman really make a difference?

Isn’t that amazing that in a world of billions of people, a hand full of men control the all the information?? Then, I wondered how I, one little old (rebel) woman, could possibly make a difference.


The answer I came up with seemed like a lot of effort on my part and I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend my time. My mom is 90 years old, my adult son has severe issues, and our house is on the market. My plate is pretty full. So, I mulled on it for several months. I did research. I watched. I asked questions. I listened.

I was in the grocery store checkout line when I had a moment. Have you ever noticed that the magazines are always filled with instructions? We’re told what to wear each season, how to cook, garden, work, raise kids, and what is a concern and what isn’t. We’re constantly being told what to think by those 20 men running the media, and oh brother, we’re constantly bombarded, daily, from all sides.

When do those men listen? These amazing women are out there. With stories and experience, and ideas and wisdom. These women shouldn’t be a voiceless subculture. When do we get a chance to speak?

Then, I realized, a chance isn’t given. It’s taken.

So, I’m taking a chance.

I’m starting an online Magazine for women. Its name is Accede Magazine. This magazine isn’t like the others. It doesn’t tell women what to do and be. It tells the world what we’re being, doing, and thinking. It’s not one lone rebel voice, however, OH NO…, It’s a chorus of Rosie’s Daughters.

Accede Magazine will be powered, heart and soul, by mid-life and over 40 women but its message is for all women because young women can learn so much from experienced women.

Accede will put bloggers on the mainstage as a regular feature and it will be a collaboration of ideas and stories. The first issue will be out in the spring of 2019. I’m shooting for March or April.

I’m hoping to give mid-life women a place to stand and a megaphone. I think we have something to say that makes a big difference.

The first Cover of Accede Magazine!

The first Cover of Accede Magazine!

I’m building the website now. I’m also looking for mentors (because I’ve never started an online magazine before!) I’m also looking for volunteer contributors in the form of bloggers, writers, contributors and features.

I’ll be accepting advertising to fund it but I’m still working out the specs and rates. I have a pretty neat idea that will help new businesses and blogs get advertising but I need to work out the legal side of that.

It’s all unpaid work for now, (shoestrings and bootstraps) and I will surely make many mistakes, but with time, it just might be a powerhouse of disobedient female voices that refuse to be ignored.

Please get in touch if you want to know more, want to contribute, or mentor!

Take a chance.

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