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Two chicks. Two jean styles.

Two chicks. Two jean styles.


As much as I love long skirts, sometimes they won’t do, and as much as I dislike skinny jeans, sometimes they’ll do nicely. I’m wearing an example of a pair of skinny jeans that work pretty well. 

They’re a sculpting jean and as such, have “Derrière Lifting” construction with a curved back yoke and higher coverage. The material is Compression Denim so it slims all over and the waistband is contoured with added stretch.  I liked the snazzy detail down the side. I paired them a loose, half tucked, chiffonesque (a fancy word I just now made up for sheer polyester) blouse and white stiletto pumps. For my finishing touches, I have on gold chain shoulder-duster earrings and a gold buckle on a narrow leather belt. 

In these shots, Dorothy is sporting the complete opposite of skinny jeans. A wide leg jean with a high waist. On top, she’s wearing a rayon off-the-shoulder blouse with floral embroidery and yes, that is a split in the front. The supporting shoe is a pair of black satin, embroidered peep-toe pumps. These are a platform sole to add height without putting pressure on the bunion area. 


I’ve heard a lot of women say they can’t wear wide leg pants because they’re short. Dorothy shows you how with this look. 

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that my friends often seem to forget that fashion still applies. They may be hoping to hide behind clothing or they may feel awkward or the style is too young for their age. 

BUT, you can wear whatever you want. It’s all in how you style it. 

Melding what you like, what looks good on your body, and then building on current fashion trends is what creates the magical blend of your individual style. 

Just remember, your look changes depending on what you’re doing or wanting to accomplish. That’s because fashion and personal style isn’t JUST about what you like or what is comfortable. If it were, we could all wear footie pajamas to the office. 
So I’m issuing two new guidelines.

1.    Do you like it? Then find a way to wear it.  For instance, cropped-top shirts are deemed inappropriate on an older woman. If you still have a hard body, wear it if you like it. If babies and life have softened your midsection, simply wear a camisole in a matching color underneath. Tuck the cami in. You can also wear a cropped top with high-rise pants or skirt. Also, purple hair is fine if you like it. Tattoos and piercings. It’s your body. It’s your life. You do you. 
2.    Remember appropriateness is, largely, a moving target. In these cases, a matter of fashion bows to etiquette and the simple consideration for others. You do not wear white to a wedding if the bride is wearing white. You wear somber clothing to funeral without going as Morticia Adams. (Unless you know the deceased really well and know they’d be laughing at you.) Board rooms and PTA meetings may not be the perfect place to express your love of red fishnet hose and stiletto heels. 

In summation, the rules are, if you aren’t being rude and inconsiderate, and you are aware of your own self-confidence level, you may wear exactly what you want. EXACTLY. WHAT. YOU. WANT.


The tag on my skinny jeans says this:

The greater the challenge, the bigger the opportunity. 
Be bold. 
Act purposefully. 
Embrace the future.
Respect the past. 
Lead with grace. 
Prove smart is sexy. 
Invest in each other. 
Be inspired and inspiring. 
Own your femininity. 
Stake your claim. 
Dream and do.
Go all in. 
You get one life. 
Live it to the fullest. 

If you tend to doubt yourself, send us a snapshot and we’ll help you figure out the rest.  

Dorothy’s top came from Shein. 
My jeans are by Ivanka Trump

You can shop the look here

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