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Selfie must-haves for older women

Selfie must-haves for older women

As you’ve noticed, selfies grow more prevalent every day. Bloggers and influencers need tremendous numbers of photographs. The over 40 models, however, often feel at a disadvantage by the images their camera produces. 

As a professional photographer, I understand that the camera is a cruel device and it’s an unkind liar. No, you do not look like the insidiously harsh images the camera offers up as fact. That is NOT your reality. The camera really does add 10lbs and it seems to magnify wrinkles, spots, and other things we didn’t notice until we saw them in a photograph. 

Your family, friends, and followers see you differently because they have brains. The human brain sees you very differently than a camera sees you. The brain sees you as a whole person. It knows you as an individual and a woman. The camera is soulless mechanism that just captures an instant of time. It will never see you through the eyes of love, admiration, respect, or honor. It sees the light and a subject IN the light but it never sees YOU. 

As you have photos made (or as you model or blog or pin things to social media pages) allow your photographer to capture all of you and to Photoshop your images until you look like yourself instead of the camera’s beastly offering of Crone. Plus, there ARE things we can do to minimize the camera’s snarky opinion. 
So let’s do them. These are brilliant but budget friendly items online that will lift, guide, and hide, brighten and protect. If you’re modeling for your blog or attending a Black-tie Fund Raiser, these objects can help. 

Your Face


This first item sits on my make-up table and I use it every time I apply my photographic make up. Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Powder. I’ve got a huge jar of the stuff and I press it into my foundation with an over-sized velvet puff. I buy them in packs of 10 and they LAST forever! Doctor Queen Powder Puff.

I have an oily t-zone and I live in a subtropical region of the south. Without this powder, the HIGH humidity melts my foundation in minutes. This translucent loose power has an antiperspirant in it. Yes, it does! It’s outstanding! It’s been used by Make-up Artists for decades. It’s the perfect “bake” powder. 


Because I’m 58, my eyesight has suffered and, without one of these babies, I’d never get any make up on my face at all. I use a lighted, magnified mirror and it MUST be at least 10x. I overspent on my last one and it’s way too small. This Fancii 10x Magnifying, Lighted Mirror will be my next one. 


If you need to get the eyes looking less tired, droopy, and hooded, these Beauty Logic little tapes work beautifully. This brand is a fabric version that HIDES from light. It becomes invisible under your eye shadow and isn’t reflective. It won’t look like little plastic pieces stuck to your eyes. 



Another make up artist trick I’ve used for a couple of decades are these drops. When I’m shooting fashion or doing make up, I use these in my model’s eyes. Put these drops in first and they really whiten the whites of the eye. Be careful, however, they may stain contact lenses blue. They are a temporary blue stain that offsets the redness and helps fool the camera. 


If you need to get serious for a sponsored job, important event, or a big photoshoot where you MUST shine, you can get another make up artist tool. Neck or Face Lift tapes. You have to have enough hair to cover them but with practice, theses things will instantly remove YEARS! 


The Girls

A couple of years ago, Kim Kardashian shared a picture of the fancy way she uses gaffer's tape. This tape is a fabric tape that is used in on the set in film and photography set. It’s not reflective, easy to tear, easier to remove than duct tape and doesn’t melt in the heat. It’s perfect for cleavage. It now comes in a lovely skin tone shade. 


Once you’ve gaffer taped your cleavage, you’ll need something to prevent a peekaboo neckline from offering a glimpse of your magical, gravity-defying chest. POOF! The answer…Double-sided tape from Hollywood


If you’d decided on a backless outfit, you’ll need something to keep The Girls from bobbing and wiggling like playful puppies under the front, which can cause blur in a photo depending on your enthusiasm. This adhesive bra helps keep the motion to a minimum. 


Finally, if you don’t need the gaffers tape and plan to let those puppies sail forth unencumbered by much at all, then there’s one thing you can use in case the air conditioning gets to you. MuQu Covers



My hands have always photographed poorly. They are long and slender but they’ve had tendons and popping veins since I was 12. They look best in Halloween photos where I was dressed as a vampire. As I get older, they aren’t improving. I’m adding spots and wrinkles to the tendons and veins.  Since fingerless gloves are often overkill for… well, anything other than a 1980’s Madonna costume, I’ve come up with these things and I LOVE them. Temporary-hand Tattoos for mature women are brilliant. They mimic henna hand tattoos, which are an ancient art form. These temporary tattoos are beautiful and creative solutions for photos.  


The Shoes

This item looks silly until you realize the outdoor wedding, political rally, or graduation you plan to attend will be impeccably luxurious. You’ll need to wear heels and you don’t want to sink into the lawn. The Fix: Almost invisible and completely transparent heel caps to the rescue! Brilliant. 


None of these items should make you feel as if you are somehow less. These are professional aids or handy tools to help you wrest a great photo out of an unkind, lying camera that doesn’t have a brain and doesn’t love you. These items help you reveal and communicate the beautiful woman you are because that rotten camera won’t do it without lies and snark.   




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