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The Season with Whistle River Trading

The Season with Whistle River Trading

If you saw my last post with Whistle River Trading, then you know I fell in love with this company.

This time, I’m sharing another of their jackets. This is the Shenandoah, Zip-Front Jacket in a gorgeous, burgundy, tapestry fabric. I wanted to share the versatility of the jacket so I dressed it down, I dressed it casually, and I dressed it up. After I took the images, though, I fell ill and have been doing little more than fiddling around on social media and taking naps. I missed you!

Finally, I’m feeling better, so I wanted to share, once again, my love for a company that appreciates the details and the people who purchase their products.

I won’t go over the history of the company again but I do encourage you to read my previous post… Because any fashion store that has a parent company who makes clothing for period and historical movies is your kind of company.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained

When your order arrives:

Your selections will be nestled into beautifully patterned tissue paper and they will have a thank you note as the first thing you see. Every Southern Momma knows how important thank you notes are. It shows someone has had some “Home Trainin’.” We all appreciate that!

The jacket is a velvety zip-front style in rich tones with a nice hand to the fabric. It is not lined so it’s light enough to wear over sweaters. It’s roomie enough to layer exceptionally well.

Here we are, at the first of October, so we know time is about to collapse and spin out of control in a flurry of decorations, cooking, and shopping. This jacket lets you rise to every occasion during the approaching seasons. No matter what you’re doing - from crying helplessly in corn maze to making graceful hand gestures at stalled Holiday Traffic - this piece will work.

Low heels, Thigh High boots with Whistle River Trading and their Shenandoah Zip-Front Jacket


First, I’m wearing it outdoors with skinny jeans, thigh-high leather boots, and an embroidered gold charmeuse blouse. This is something I’d wear to the farmers market or to an outdoor festival. This outfit could handle an Octoberfest with ease.


Next, moving into chilly weather, this jacket snuggles nicely with a book in front of the fire. We have a wood-burning fireplace so I’ll be tossing on this little coat when I’m going out to gather pinecones or a few logs. It also works for running to the grocery store or grabbing a casual dinner with pals. Here, I’ve paired it with a burgundy, long sleeve t-shirt from Old Navy, boot cut jeans from Grace in LA, and a vintage leather belt.

Finally, you can totally elevate your game in this lightweight item. I dressed it up with a few accessories, a red satin blouse and exquisite lace detailing. Poof! This thing has become a holiday piece that will take you to merry event. I don’t know if my lights picked up enough of the sheen on the fabric but it’s got a velvety richness.


Here, I’ve donned sexy, high-waist, split-leg trousers in winter white and a red satin wrap top with a bow at the waist. I’ve added a spill of ivory lace at the neck and lace cuffs. These are links to an affiliate with items almost like the ones I’m wearing.

Being Sexy Hint!

My personal rule is that I wear only ONE sexy thing at a time to avoid just looking underdressed or down right skanky. In these shots, I’m showing leg all the way up, so my neckline is modest and proper. Also, I AM wearing hose (tights) under those trousers. Katie Middleton wears hose and if it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for me. I wear L’egg’s sheer energy active support in Suntan. Made by Hane’s. Their active support has more compression and helps circulation. Your feet don’t swell as much.

So, there you have it. That’s the down low on the lightweight Shenandoah Jacket. It has a zip front with a stand up collar. 44% acrylic, 35% Poly, and 21% rayon. It’s on sale for $69.99 right now and you can buy it at Whistle River Trading.

  • They have sizes up to 3x and they do not charge extra for BBW sizes.

  • Free shipping, Free returns, and Free exchanges (within continental US)

  • 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee

Nan Mac for Whistle River Trading!

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