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Q: When to wear pearls?

Q: When to wear pearls?

pearl rope

A: Whenever you want.

Pearls have been terribly misunderstood. In fact, they have a long history of being misunderstood. (aligning them closely with all women.)

Known as “Queen of Gems” they were once considered the most rare of all gems. As such, they were incredibly expensive.

When cultured pearls began to replace natural pearls, they became a standard accessory with sweater twin sets, little black dresses, and bridal array. ( Aha! And now you know. Cultured pearls are the cheap little hussies of the gem family. Watch. The way you say CULTURED pearl will thenceforth sound snarky. ) Now, without the flash of diamonds or the color of gemstones, pearls have been shoved into the back of the jewel box. They’ve become almost invisible in the world of fine gems. (Hmmm, very much like older women have become invisible.)

Pearls are a gentle jewel with luminesce soft color. They come in a range of pastel shades but don't let that pale color fool you. These things are pretty AND strong. (As are ALL darling little hussies!) 

Natural pearls are nature’s response to invading irritants that invade inside a shell. Mollusks create something strong and beautiful out of something hurtful and annoying.  (Women do that, too. Like, everyday. Easy peasy)

Did you know the unit of measurement in pearls and silk are both called a “Momme?” In pearls, the weight is equal to 3.75 grams. (Gives new meaning the to idea of Mommy Weight!”)

So, that changes the perspective on an ancient gem. Women of a certain age are changing, too and we’re bringing our ropes of pearls (hussies) out of the jewel box.  It’s time for fun! It’s time to see and be seen.

We’re just not going to be shoved to the back of line anymore. We’re wise, brash women able to take on challenges at any age.

So you know, the luster, strength, history and weight of pearls make them Iron Feather Tea’s preferred gem. We also like Mother of Pearl because many of us are moms to a whole heap of pearls (and a few hussies. You know who you are.).

Dare to wear your pearls anytime! They’re our emblems!

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