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Lexus Charleston Fashion Week 2018. Review.

Lexus Charleston Fashion Week 2018. Review.

Nan Mac with www.ironfeathertea.com in Charleston for Fashion Week. 2018

Marion Square encompasses over 6 acres and, once a year, it's visited by over 6 acres of beautiful people wearing interesting clothes and sipping fancy cocktails.  For 12 years, this fabulousness has occurred right there on the corner of Calhoun and King. 

Julia with Iron Feather Tea at Charleston Fashion Week, 2018

This year, I attended along with my BFF, Julia.  It was the first time for both of us. We’ve tried various life adventures together since we were kids and now, in our 50’s, it’s fun to find things we haven’t done. (Zip-lining Mt Everest was never under consideration. It’s just not us, Sparky.)

If you’re (somehow) unfamiliar with Charleston, in 2016, readers of Travel + Leisure voted Charleston as the No. 1 City in the World! Charleston was the first domestic destination to earn the World ranking. As a result, the fashion world is beginning to understand that the Fashion Week held here is more than just a little southern lady social with tea and pearls. (Not, mind you, that there's anything wrong with southern ladies, tea, and pearls!) 

This year, the panel of 6 judges for the emerging designers, included heavy weights Fern Mallis, who created Fashion Week in New York (!!) and Fashion Designer Yigal Azrouel. He’s an Israeli-American designer who has dressed Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, and many more. (I know we're immune to name dropping but it's still fun.)

Gwynn’s, a 22,000 square foot department store stuffed with designer togs, sponsored the VIP Lounge. It was a tented wonderland of brilliant lighting and comfy couches under a beautifully draped ceiling. The small bites weren’t the tastiest we’d ever had, (Okay, I spit mine out but Julia, the optimist, kept trying them - seeking ONE that was really excellent. Never found it.) but the décor and open bar more than made up for the ho-hum food. 

The excitement was enormous, the people were all very friendly, the music was loud and, stompingly, correct for a walk down the runway. 

Everyone who was anyone was there. I even saw, Archie Burkel, sporting a very fashionable hat. There was a young Blogger Brigade perched in the VIP tent and models wandering hither and yon. Style Connoisseurs were tucked into every corner, seat, and bench. Lisa Rice from Southern Protocol was a sponsor. Nancy Learner from the former Nancy’s of Charleston was there.  

I wore a winter-white, long line jacket over black skinny jeans and a black long sleeved t-shirt. Diamond Golds necklace, a round patent cross body bag, and warm winter snow boots. (It was a chilly night so sexy or slinky wasn’t an option. I’m all about the comfy and the chic. Chicfy, Baby!)

Julia and I strolled around taking photos (iphone) of women over 40 because no one has yet put much focus on these women. In fact, no one seems to talk to them any more. Fashion designers, magazines, and modeling agencies are still adding token nods but no real conversation. 

You know me. I may be an occasional introvert but it’s temporary. I’m fearless about knocking on any door and asking any question. I’m too evolved  (ahem…my new word. It means “old”) to nurture any tender feelings of insecurity because, well, it’s time to understand why women my age aren’t always included. Culturally, are we still considering wisdom and wrinkles ugly??? I think it’s worth looking into because it’s certainly worth changing. 

All that aside, it was an AWESOME experience and you should go next year. 

What's your art brain?

What's your art brain?

Do you have suede jacket know how?

Do you have suede jacket know how?