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What about your foundations?

What about your foundations?

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By DJ.

Nan and DJ at the Golf Club Grill. Palmetto Bluff, SC

Nan mentioned, in the previous post, that she and I met for lunch one afternoon at Palmetto Bluff's May River Grill in the private Golf Clubhouse. I was very enthused about going there as this community is a prominent and beautiful resort (swanky!) but, most importantly, the chance to connect with my friend.

I prepared that morning for this sweet business meeting by jumping into a cute white and red striped cotton dress with a ruffled hem. It tied at the shoulders and felt very flirty/fun to wear. I wanted to be comfortable too, as we have a unique, comfortable friendship for over 8 years now, sprouting right out of Facebook. It is always a pleasure to see her because it’s as if no time went by at all. Nan and I were discussing this blog  because I was very interested in being involved and she was giving me the lowdown as to what was about to transpire. You can shop the look at this link.

On the path to the Clubhouse, Nan proceeded to take few pictures of me wearing that fun little number. I felt special. Nan has a way of making you feel that way and is always the gracious hostess. We sat down inside and were treated royally once we had taken our seats. We spoke about a few girly topics and then got around to the needs and direction of the website, IronFeatherTea.com.  

It was about then I realized I was fidgeting with my bra strap, because it was making a special appearance. Over and over I tried to cover it with my hair and the dress’s shoulder ties but to no avail. My foundational wear wanted to make a debut during our lunch. It was at that exact moment, when we discussed my predicament, when it dawned on Nan that Foundational Wear would have to be my first blog. I agreed wholeheartedly. It was when I went home that day, after looking in the mirror, that I realized how much I needed (but did not want) to address my foundational wear situation.

Here’s why; I had gained weight. And the double bubble boobaliciosness that I saw in the mirror along with the pink strap showing made me realize I was not accepting my weight gain. Plus, it's the weight gain on my breasts that has been most perplexing. (Thank-you to menopausal hormones, but really, no thank-you.)  Most would say I should be ecstatic and grateful, but you see, I’m 5 feet tall. I look like a double-stacked, quadruple-scooped top-heavy ice cream cone who is now in double digit cups. I am forever grateful that I have my breasts, absolutely, but I miss my littleness. Honest to goodness I do.

So where to go from here?  Well, it is obvious; either lose the weight or learn to love my new bountiful self ...and shop for some new Foundational Garments. 

Loving yourself could consist of dressing up more often just as I got dressed nicely to type this first blog post. Nan is a great example of dressing smart everyday whether it is casual, spiffy, trendy, or formal. I admire her choices every day. Tomorrow, I’m going a step farther and fix my face up a little more with make-up and I’ll work on updating my wardrobe.

Striped cotton dress and pink velvet platform sandals.

I have finally come to the conclusion to show myself some love so as to be comfortable in a meeting, party, on a picnic, or on date night with my husband. I plan to avoid having to fidget with my bra by purchasing some properly fitting Foundational Garments. 

I know exactly where to go. (And you can order online so, you can go with me.) This is not an affiliate link or a sponsorship. I'm just letting you know how great I think Bits of Lace in Charleston, S.C really is. It's a family run store with over 38 years of experience. I had filmed a commercial with them several years back. I played the mother who was bringing my daughter in for a fitting. Bits of Lace is known for expertly taking care of generations of mothers and daughters. It’s almost a rite of passage in Charleston. Their staff taught me so much about proper size and fitted me with incredible high fashion stylized bras. I never knew a bra could be so comfortable and well fitting; they truly are bra fit specialists. My eyes were opened. At first glance, it seems too pricy, but it’s worth every penny. Their lingerie lasts longer, feels great on your skin, are beautiful to look at and have incredible construction. They'll keep your size on file and are always ready to work with you.


I'm sharing the video I was in. It was directed by John Barnhardt and I think it was a nice job for their commercial.

Sometime this summer, I'll head out to Charleston, with Nan in tow, to get a proper fitting. As I join this fashion blog, I am making the commitment to take better care of myself. I think something with a scrap of lace or satin will make me feel more beautiful whether I am one weight or another. 

I hope you join me on my quest to take care of myself and to rejoice in the age and in the body I have. Life is a gift no matter the size or age. 

Thanks for reading and please comment below. This is my first blog post ever so some hugs and kisses would give me an extra boost! You can also find out more about me on this page. 

Thank you,

Love from DJ

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Maxi dresses are summer cool.

Maxi dresses are summer cool.

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