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Pink and Flirty Dressing

Pink and Flirty Dressing

About two weeks ago, I got to hang out in Nan’s closet and I had a blast! It really opened my eyes to another world. She’s not taking what age is handing out. She’s older than me at 59, but she just laughs at the idea that older women should dress (or be) a certain way. I absolutely loved it. Her attitude is contagious and when she adorned me with different outfits and accessories, I felt like a princess.   

So while I’m new to this blogging business, I’ve realized Nan is the perfect mentor for over-50 fashion. She tries everything out and finds new ways to wear things. Her closet is like an exploded bandbox! We even switched our shoes. I gave her my black lace pumps from Shoe Dazzle and I got her TOP Moda shoes that she had ordered online as well. They are peep-toe platform high heels in muted beige that worked well with my handbag! 

We realized we just had to incorporate these shoes into outfits and show them off.  She wore hers on her recent blog about the Ethyl brand clothing. It was delightful to see her flaunt them with a touch of conservative sex appeal. (but uh, she would look gorgeous in a burlap sack.)

The shoes I got were paired with a short mauve-pink dress with fluted long-sleeves dress that I ordered from, believe it or not, Shoe Dazzle.  (Yes, they sell clothes too!) I added my Silpada bag and it became a perfect outfit. I liked the way I looked. 

Confession Time:

What you must know is I don’t like to wear fitted clothes due to how I feel about my tummy. I don’t like anything fitting too tight. I tend to choose clothing that will camouflage my sensitive spots. Nancy reproved me about that. Not about my tummy. No, she noticed I was shaming myself. She insists that we are to love and adore our bodies, even as they age. It’s an effort but, on the other hand, what a waste of time to obsess on a body part. Still, if something bothers you, make the effort to fix it. Just do it with love and not with dislike. I have decided to do something about my issue, as you will read in future blogs. 

Anyway, we went to her back steps outside the porch and took these photos. I think I fell in love with the color pink all over again. I fell in love with me some more, too. She had me twirl and pose at every click of her camera and I felt genuinely comfortable with her direction. I felt flirty and happy to move about in this little dress. 

I loved that day, I loved wearing my favorite color pink, I loved that her (shhhhhut the front door) fantastic man, Peter, made us some little turkey sandwiches while we worked, I loved shopping in her closet. I loved our shoe swapping. It’s good to have a friend that reminds you you’re still a pretty woman. I loved seeing that I really CAN still feel pretty and that I can be more than the limitations I give myself. I have. And you know what? So, can you.

Come with us! We’re on an adventure in fashion over 50! 

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Whistle River Trading

Classic Black Slacks. From Ethyl Clothing

Classic Black Slacks. From Ethyl Clothing