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Ethyl Clothing. The Jeans.

Ethyl Clothing. The Jeans.

I don’t know if you realize that even though I wear skinny jeans from time to time, I can’t stand them. They remind me of clingy pantyhose without the lovely sheen.

When Ethyl Clothing sent me a pair of jeans to try, I agreed because they had a slight flare. (Yay!)  These are the Jaqueline Flare in Abigail, which is a dark wash. The material is wildly comfortable. It’s softer than all my other jeans yet, it snugs my curves. (57% Cotton 39% Polyester 3% Rayon 1% Spandex) I got a size 4 when I normally wear a size 6 but the 4's were perfect.

Because I’m tall, (5’8”) they were a little shorter than I like with only a 31" inseam. The length did shrink a little in the wash. I can wear them with low heels if I iron them to put back the length that the dryer shrunk away.  I tend to iron my jeans anyway so it’s not a problem but be aware all you tall creatures. I think Ethyl Clothing MAY have a longer length so double check when you order. ASK. It never hurts to ask. Call them at 1 (855) 271-0451 M-F (9-5) PST

English Garden

I wore these jeans two ways. The first way was with their gorgeous blouse when I was headed out to the garden. (Yes, that’s my Flower Garden in the backyard.) The blouse is the Jayla in Bantam. I paired the two with a seventeen dollar straw hat from Home Depot to which I had added some feminine froth from Hobby Lobby. The necklace is from the Forever21 store in Charleston on King Street. (Can't remember where I got the earrings and bracelets. Sigh)

Cowgirl Style

The next look has the jeans with my own white tank top straight from my closet. Here, I went Western by adding blingy, gray suede boots to the jeans. I have a silver chain belt around the waistband. It's a mid-rise jean and rides about an inch below your navel. I topped the look with their adorable white jean jacket called the Aviana in Lebanon. It’s a versatile, cropped bolero with a scattering of bling. If you remember, I dressed it up with just a change of shoes and necklace when I reviewed their black pants. I could be wrong but I think I like this cowgirl style the best. Read the 1st review and let me know your favorite. 

The Jeans

The Blouse

The Jacket

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Rosie’s Daughters; The Honorable Women.

Rosie’s Daughters; The Honorable Women.

Ethyl Clothing has Capri Pants

Ethyl Clothing has Capri Pants