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Classic Black Slacks. From Ethyl Clothing

Classic Black Slacks. From Ethyl Clothing

Nan Mac in Classic Black Slacks and The Jayla Blouse. 

If you follow any of our relatively small group of Over 50 models and bloggers, you'll start noticing a few posts about a clothing company called Ethyl Clothing. 

It's a new branch of an older company that's beginning an online adventure. They're specifically interested in the latter portion of womanhood. (a.k.a. the fine wine) And, that's you and me, Dahling!

So, I've begun collaborating with Ethyl Clothing. I'll be doing a series of posts about their line of garments. They've sent me several pieces for my review and opinion. In choosing the pieces, I've selected things that gave me a chance to explore the versatility of the garments. Because in my wardrobe, I find I often want to wear a single item several different ways. I want to be able to dress it up or tone it down. 

The name, by the way, is not about Lucy Ricardo's droll friend, Ethel Mertz. It's more about the fuel - Powerful stuff that gets you down the road. The name is spelled with a "y" not an "e." It's Ethyl. Some version of that name was a popular baby name back in the late 1800's and the early 1900's. It's of English origin and means “Noble Maiden.” So, if you think of it as an antiquated granny name, think again. Grandmothers, in 2018, aren't the fusty old ladies of long ago. Neither are our clothes. 

For example, take these black pants. We ALL have to have black pants in our wardrobes. They're the ultimate, multifaceted,  “go to” piece. Every line of women's clothing has them. You can find every style from skinny to wide leg out there. The question is why would you try a new style from Ethyl Clothing?

Classic Black Trouser with the Aviana Jacket in White. Ethyl Clothing.

Here's what I found:

These pants are classic, straight-leg slacks from their Euro Line. It has a perfect mid-rise that's built to withstand anything dished out by your muffin top or love handles. The beauty of these babies is their pull on style. No zipper bulge in the front. No button. No struggles with those hateful, invisible, side zippers that ALWAYS get stuck. There are no pleats to add bulk. The flat front is perfectly smooth up to the waistband. The waistband is a thing of beauty because it's wide, it's sturdy and (drum roll) it doesn't curl or roll over when you sit down. The material is an easy care blend that retains its crispness. It's 77% rayon, 19% nylon, and 4% spandex. It has the comfort and luster of rayon but the easy care of nylon with the give of spandex. The front crease is already ironed in so you don't have to. (Front creases are so important to a finished, tailored look.) 

Plus, when you order, you go a size down. I'm normally a size 6 in pants. These are a size 4. Getting into a size 4 is a sweet little gift. 

The conclusion on the black pants: Excellent.

Jayla top, Black Pants... and Dorothy's shoes!

The white top is called The Jayla. It's a Rayon top that feels like Batiste or Lawn. These fabrics are a lightweight, ethereal material usually in white linen or cotton. (It's often used for delicate, lace-edged handkerchiefs.) With beautiful tucks and a graceful hemline, this blouse can be dressed up or down. I LOVE this top. LOVE LOVE LOVE! If you like a structured, crisp look, this blouse irons beautifully. But the genius with this top is the crinkle styling. Wash it as directed but don't pop it in the dryer. Twist it in one direction until it knots up. Hold it in place with clips or a clean rubber band. It's so light that it dries by morning.  Simply undo the knot and shake it out! Done! If you'd like more in depth instructions, click here.

(Side note: In this shot I'm wearing Dorothy's shoes and they're black lace and suede. I have no idea where she got them but they are the last word in sexy.)

In the other two looks, I topped the pants with Ethyl's Aviana Jacket. It's a gently blingy, bolero jean-jacket. The flexibility of the piece is brilliant. It's a casual jean-style but it's got curves so you won't feel like a blue-jean box! This version of the Aviana has simple embellishments but not enough to compete with the holiday decorations. (Which is a good thing.) The black trousers bring it up to a fine level of sophistication yet, just by changing shoes, necklace, and flipping up the cuffs, this outfit transforms. It can take you from an art gallery opening all the way to a pizza parlor with the Grands. The polish, easy care, and versatility of this outfit is also perfect for travel. 

I'm wearing the jacket over a plain black camisole from my closet. In one version, I've paired it with white pumps and, in the other, with black, slip-on loafers. My necklace goes from a pearl drop on black velvet to a simple oversized silver chain. 

Casual style in the classic pants from Ethyl Clothing. 

The pieces are simple, easy to wear, and easy to style so I give these items from Ethyl Clothing two thumbs up.

I'll be reviewing the other pieces in upcoming posts. These are not paid or affiliate posts. I've also included links to three other bloggers that have also reviewed some different items, so you can get a better feel for the company. Remember it's a fresh, new line, so you'll want to get in on the beginning.  

I've added links to the items I mention. The black pants, however, will be ZOOMING off their shelves so I've also added a link to a navy pair of the same style.  

If you have questions or aren't sure about anything. Call them. They're on the west coast in the Pacific time zone but they are super nice people who really want to support our peer group in comfort and style. 

Call Ethyl Clothing at (855) 271-0451 M-F (9-5) PST or email at: INFO@ETHYLCLOTHING.COM

When you order from them, let me know what you choose and how you like it. Send photos! It's helpful for us to know you're happy with the companies we recommend! 

The garments I'm wearing.

The Jayla Blouse in White

The Pants in Black and in Navy

The Aviana Jacket in Denim  


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Even the Ethyl Clothing garment tag is gorgeous. And yes, those are IRON Wings in the background. Iron Feather Tea! 

Even the Ethyl Clothing garment tag is gorgeous. And yes, those are IRON Wings in the background. Iron Feather Tea! 

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