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Cocktail, Mr. Bond?

Cocktail, Mr. Bond?

Nan Mac models a black lace skirt and silk halter top. 

There is something inherently sexy about meeting someone for cocktails. I’m sorry, but meeting someone for coffee just doesn’t have the same sophistication or, dare I say it, elegance. After all, one is never elegant when kicking one’s backpack across the floor when trying to hoist one’s self out of an easy chair. 

I don’t even drink very often but will sign up for cocktails whenever I can. I'll sip a coke with lime or ginger ale with lemon instead of an alcoholic beverage. I used to know a bartender would make me THE most gorgeous Shirley Temples

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Peter (my significant other) used to have next-door neighbor. Leeah was her name. She was widow who loved to have fun. Leeah had outstanding cocktail parties that she called Six to Eights. You were to arrive at 6pm sharp and leave promptly at 8pm. No shillyshallying and your dinner was your business. She’d have fabulous full bar of specialty cocktails and outstanding nibblers. No pizza rolls from the freezer but delicate rumaki and yummy adult things. 

Leeah passed away a few years ago but we still keep her tradition. We have those at our house now. (Yo Foodies, could you suggest a few more adult appetizers?)

When I dress for cocktails, I like to dress properly. This outfit fits the bill, unless someone is hosting a vintage 1950’s Cocktail Party and then, of course, I’d need costume. Those are fun too but are much more silly. I swear, being grown up makes some people nervous so they turn it into a joke. They’ve lost the talent for being an adult and, naturally, flirting like one. Pity. 

What to wear and how to wear it. 

Anyway, this outfit with its belted lace skirt and the leopard pattern on the shoes and blouse gets high marks for sophisticated sexiness. The blouse requires - ah, shall we say - a lack of proper support but there are foundational aids to help out. The touches of gold lend an air of luxury without being overly gilded. 

The skirt is tight but the blouse is loose. Always remember: Wear only ONE sexy thing at a time. If your skirt is short, leave off the fishnet hose, platform pumps, and cropped top. Overkill isn’t sexy. It’s entirely too obvious. The skirt is enough. You'll do the rest with your scintillating wit, wicked side-eye, and low-voiced laughter. Cocktail dressing is not for the fearful, the young, or the faint of heart. The tempestuous savages among us, however, will SLAY and carry it off with style. 

James Thurber said in 1930 that “It takes that je ne sais quoi, which we call sophistication, for a woman to be magnificent in a drawing-room when her faculties have departed but she herself has not yet gone home.”

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