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New Coach Bag

New Coach Bag


This is about bringing home a retail, luxury bag. Inside the lovely shopping bag and designer tissue paper is the Coach Brooklyn 34 carryall. I picked it up last week at the Coach outlet store. Normally, the outlets don’t carry retail items but new colors of this bag were being introduced so the basic black was moved from the retail store to the outlet.  


Did you know that when you shop in the Outlets, you’re usually getting a cheaper line of clothing and not the good stuff? According to this 2014 article, “Once a destination for out-of-season or damaged full-priced inventory, outlets have grown into a lucrative and somewhat deceptive place for retailers to hawk an entirely new line of lower-quality goods geared toward a different customer.” 

If you shop in the outlet malls, make sure the Salesperson confirms you have a retail item sent from their actual retail store. Then you have the genuine product line. Of course, not all sales people are completely honest so before investing in a luxury brand be it purse or shoes, it’s best to verify its first quality status by going online with the style name or number. 

Discovering I need it.

After driving across the country a couple weeks ago and then flying back, I discovered a need for a bag large enough for my laptop, that wouldn’t show the dirt, and would be a classic. 
Now, I could have picked up any random black leather bag for much cheaper but Coach is a name with style and staying power. Two years from now, it’ll still be on point. (Gurl so fleek!)

This is a beautiful pebble leather with several compartments, plus an inside zip, cell phone pocket, and business card holder. It’s got the signature fabric lining and the gold-stamped verification inside. The handles have 6-inch drop so you can carry it on your shoulder but it also has the detachable shoulder straps. A 13-inch laptop fits inside this bad boy. The bag is very heavy but I can use the extra workout. Also important, it has metal feet and a study bottom, so it’s not going to slump into a hobo bag and scatter your stuff across an airplane’s floor. (So annoying!) It comes with a signature cloth storage bag. 

When I was checking out the Coach fall 2018 line, I realized I’ll be able to add some fringe and chain details for a casual update, all without changing the basic bag. Coach also sells replacement shoulder straps to change up the look if you aren’t a DYIer. 

This fall the new colors in this exact bag are Heather Gray and Fatigue both with Dark Gunmetal hardware, and Beechwood with Gold hardware. To get a black one, you can now find them at the Coach outlet, or on Amazon or at the Real Real or other consignment.  


These bags can cost you. Mine was originally priced at 600.00 but I got 60% off plus another 20 bucks. I think I had some other discounts as well. This means I got the bag for under 300.00. (Still seems like a LOT.) But this is an investment bag and is classic enough that it won’t go out of style and is useful enough, as long as women use airplanes, to be a valuable resell. 

And that’s what I’ll do. The bags are currently selling on resale sites for up to $340.00. If I take good care of it, and since it can be certified as a real Coach, (not a knock off) I may even make a few bucks when I sell it!! 

And that’s why I buy good stuff. It feels good to carry nice, luxury items. It’s an investment in myself… in Feelz and in actual cash.

That's it for me today, 



P.S. I found a review by a Vlogger you might want to watch. 

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