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Ethyl Clothing has Capri Pants

Ethyl Clothing has Capri Pants

When I talk about clothing being versatile, I mean it. I want pieces that travel well and can play several roles. It used to be hard to have a versatile wardrobe because clothes had specific purposes; from tea length dresses to smoking jackets, the time and design were part of the fashionable crowd.  Long ago, if you wore sequins or rhinestones on your garment, then you were dressed UP for an event. Such shimmering details were NOT meant for casual wear. 

Times have changed and I’m so glad because I love Bling! And Sparkles! And Pizazz! When Ethyl Clothing sent me these items for review, I was charmed. A couple of the garments have beautiful insets of bling. One is laddered along the shoulder and another is near the hem of the pants. These are small discreet panels of rhinestones... Not too much. Just enough to perk up the outfit.  

We call these pants Capris but, once upon a time, they were known as clam diggers or, if you didn’t live near the water, pedal pushers. The style was first introduced in 1952. It was a glamorous way to ride a bike so your dungarees didn’t get caught in the chain. But they were also worn as dressy attire and, like this newspaper clipping shows, they also had bling. 

Image and accompanying text are from 1952. “Will fashions like these fancy pedal-pushers be seen here this year? A complete contrast to the tomboy styles in tough blue
denim, these glamorous pedal-pushers were shown in California recently. Striped braces [suspenders] added smartness to the black denim suit on the left. Lustre denim has been used for the strapless set on the right. In tangerine orange, it features jeweled camisole and pocket.”


So, in memory of a gentler time, I’m wearing these as pedal pushers with my new bike from Specialized. Ethyl Clothing does lovely names for their items. These are named the Willow in Coconut. It’s actually a dressy material, like the Black Slacks I shared in a previous post. 77% rayon, 19% nylon and 4% spandex.  They washed well and they came out of the dryer ready to wear. I did smooth them with the iron to keep that crispness I like. 

The turquoise top is a cold-shoulder trapeze design in a mesh fabric that flows well. It has a lining for additional coverage and movement. The top is lightweight enough that it doesn’t just hang limply. No, it stops a few seconds after you do. It’s a nice, subtle touch. This style is known as Gemma in Director. It’s a 92% poly with 8% Spandex. 

The Next Look

Here, I paired the Capri pants with a black top that has more Bling inset in the shoulder. This top is amazing. It hides your sins and hugs the curves you forgot you had. This one is a must for cocktails or the next “come hither” event you attend. This top is known as Abigail in Byron. 

All in all, Ethyl Clothing does a super job. I’ll share one more post with you on their fashion line but do take the time to look at their web site. Something to note: They use real people as models. It’s unusual to see in a clothing company. It's something else you can applaud. 

The Willow Capri

The Gemma Blouse

The Abigail Blouse

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Ethyl Clothing. The Jeans.

Ethyl Clothing. The Jeans.

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