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Why isn't pink considered art?

Why isn't pink considered art?


I believe in pink. Audrey Hepburn said she believed in it, too. 

She said that happy girls are the prettiest girls and I want you to know that it’s true. And, it’s hard to do. I mean, being happy. It's one of the hardest things to do. 

In case you wondered, I decided to include art  in the middle of a fashion blog because Art is part of the fashion culture. And also because Art makes me happy... along with books. (You know how much I love books.)

Did you know that art makes me cry? It’s a happy but poignant thing, depending on what I'm seeing or hearing. I just think art represents the best in humanity. It spills in tears. Of course, I don’t go in for much abstract or modern art. Some but it depends on the color and the shapes. The cover is a collectible reproduction from the 1920's. It's Art Nouveau and one of my favorite periods. (It often had more pink in it! LOL) 

If you read this, you’ll understand that I think the Art Industry is only using half its brain (bloomin’ idiots). That means a lot art isn't considered good enough to qualify as “Fine Art." There’s quite a bit of art that goes unsung or, worse, is dismissed as nothing more than decorative art. 

That’s the work by artist Rebecca Puig. It's "decor." I’m almost sure a Fine Art Gallery Owner would sniff in disdain. (There is no blood? No toilet? No hanging wire hanging lost in the salt to provide the emotional context of disenfranchised human volatility? Pah!)

Except it’s not "just" decor and I think it's outstanding.

In my book, art should inspire. It should lift you to your higher ground or lay you naked before the mirror in your mind. Art tells us we know more than we thought. It whispers that we feel more than we let on. It tells us we have things in common with strangers and, if all THAT is true, then it MUST mean we are not alone and our loneliness will pass.

Art, and I mean true art, helps us find beauty, humor, love, God, and ourselves. We already encounter the ugliness of the world far too often. We don’t need many reminders and signposts hanging in art galleries and museums to help us find it. It is rare the human life that exists without some form of despair haunting the edges of their lives. We can find sorrow without help but love, on the other hand, can be elusive. So many of us are lonely people like Eleanor Rigby. 

I've always believed our lives should be love letters to the world as much needed reminders, sign posts, and encouragement. 

And that’s what Rebecca Puig believes too. She made a business out of art and love’s signposts. Bravo, Girl. Bravo. 

Her business is named SugarBoo. That’s from her nicknames for her kids. Awwww. I love her and no, this is not a paid endorsement. There's a free giveaway of Sugarboo's work going on over on Instagram at Monique Coleman. Click Here


We believe life is beauty full.
We believe in supporting artisans near and far.
We believe in daydream believers.
We believe the world is our canvas.
We believe kind words cost nothing.
We believe in choosing love everyday.
We believe in paintings, poetry, and good music.
We believe in counting blessings instead of troubles.
We believe mother nature is the best artist.
We believe our lives should be love letters to the world.
We believe in being great and full, but mostly grateful.
We believe Picasso was right: Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
We believe it's not what you have, it's what you give.
We believe in celebrating life every day.
We believe originality is king.
We believe in things that have soul.
We believe we are all a work in progress and patience is a virtue.
We believe in brave and kind hearts.
We believe in looking for the good.
We believe there's no time to be bored in a world as magical as this.
We believe the best therapist has fur and four paws.
We believe a beautiful thing is never perfect.
We believe not only in making an income, but making an impact.
We believe in seizing the day.
We believe life should be a splendid adventure.
We believe the golden rule actually works.
We believe every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending.
Above all, we believe in putting good things into the world.

Don't you guys love that? Send a love letter to the world.

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The party isn't over if we're still dancing.

The party isn't over if we're still dancing.