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Affiliate style

Affiliate style


It's 2018 and every blogger worth her salt partners with different brands. Bloggers are now called “Influencers” because Blogs stopped being just “Web Logs.” They once were online journals, or if you will, diaries. Times have changed.  

I’ve had blogs for years but never bothered to monetize them. I also was rather desultory in writing in them. After I took an online class, I was wowed. The class I took belongs to Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.  The class is beyond easy and is more like inside information rather than problems to overcome.  I HIGHLY recommend this class. It'll open up your mind to possibilities. Start a blog about anything from automotive repair to tulle-ribbon crafts and any hobby or interest in between. If you can write or know someone who can help you write, you might want to consider becoming an Influencer. 

If you already have a blog but think you can do better, take the class. Michelle also has a private Facebook Group just for people who took the class. It's a great way to keep learning. Of all the online groups I've joined, I'll have to say, hands down, this one has the most helpful information. You've got back-up. 

My blog started as one thing but, the more I studied, the more I’ve redeveloped the concept to fit my interests and values. Doing that also helped me laser in on the partnership affiliates I’d want. I'm a little picky and have been approached by some but rejected them.  

Katherine Hepburn as Bunny Watson

If you know me, you know I do extensive research on any topic. I'm a nerd. (I once had a necklace that said NERD but I wore it backwards. It said DREN. Meaning...I was so nerdy I was even backward among nerds.) I was ALWAYS a library nut. My friends called me Bunny Watson. She was the answer lady in the movie Desk Set. I would always find out the answers for them. (Who knew that Lima Beans stabilize our blood sugar and their effect is so strong it can actually trigger a migraine? This girl, that's who.) 

The point is... any of the affiliates on my blog have been researched within an inch of their lives. With the exception of the Google “adsense” ads, I research each affiliate before I accept them and I always will. Even adsense is tailored to come close to my niche age and/or interests. 

I’m not about to hawk some craptacious product just so I can get some chump change. The affiliates I use pay me if you use the link I provide. That’s how it works with all bloggers. With me, however, no amount is worth my integrity.

The class above one of my affiliates and again, the basic story is "she did good and teaches you how to do good" and I applaud her.  I'm proud of people like that and I support that kind of initiative. I try to reward it with something (money, recognition, gold stars) when I find it. So take a class. Try something new.

In 3 months, I managed to start a blog and become awarded as Number 20 in the Top 30 Fashion Over 50 Blogs And Websites for Fifty Plus Women in 2018. That right there is the "Michelle Effect" at work. 

My affiliates links and the website pages that have them always have a link to my disclosure page


Have you tried living your art?

Have you tried living your art?

Porching is Fashion

Porching is Fashion