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Wearing white shoes before Easter?

Wearing white shoes before Easter?


You can wear white shoes before Easter. You can. Your purse does NOT have to match your shoes…or your belt. It doesn’t and I want you to know those things at the start. Permission was granted by the fashion world some time back. 

It’s fine. Really. 

The thing is, I still don’t wear white shoes before Easter nor after Labor Day and I like it that way. If you do, I might think you're a conformist. (There's a fine line between trail-blazing fashionista and flagrant conformist.)

I’m something of a rebel. I kinda like bucking the system and the system says it’s ok to do away with old traditions and proper etiquette. Aghast, I rebel against the soulless machine that governs our right to choose these timeless classics.

The paradox, you might notice, is I‘m a rebel that LIKES the rules. As a rebel, I understand the VALUE of rules. I understand the reason for rules.  For I know, deep in my black rebel heart, that rules were made to be broken. Without rules to break, what on earth would a maverick like myself do in her spare time? 

I apply this theory across the board. Etiquette is MARVELOUS! I love proper behavior because I dearly love to be improper. (I frequently brandish the wrong fork with uninhibited glee!! AND I drink white wine with an occasional ice cube. I do it.) I like taboos, too, because I do so like being naughty. If EVERYTHING is acceptable, there’s no chance of being naughty. I miss the days when #VictoriaSecret had luxurious robes made of real velvet and satin negligées. Back then, naughty women knew what they were doing. Adulting was an art form that inspired the aspirations of many. 

I digress. Pardon.

I also bought a smashing navy bag by Halston and a pair of high-heeled navy oxfords, both with suede. They match beautifully. Naturally, the suede means I shouldn’t wear them in the summer but I plan to do that very thing and break two rules at once!! 

These lovely white patent shoes? Now that the fashion powers have removed all the rules, I shall break THAT rule, so I shan’t wear these until Easter and I, now, anticipate Easter with enjoyment. I truly LIKE to anticipate things. I look forward to looking forward. I also find immediate gratification is over-rated. 

Such a nonconformist. Nothing is safe from my rebellious swash.

If you’d like to join me in my fight to rebel against the machine, here’s a selection of white patent shoes and, naturally, some matching purses. Easter is joining April Fool’s day this year and both will be held on Sunday, April 1st. Be ready for both! (wink)

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