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Jeans are favorite go-to bottoms.

Back when jeans were called dungarees, (instead of Boyfriend jeans) we were the first to break them in. When they were called peg legs, (instead of skinny jeans) we were the first to cuff them. When they became bellbottoms, instead of flares, we paired them with clogs. When they were called hip-huggers, instead of low riders, we were the first to go commando. (Well, after those fashion forward mavens of style, plumbers.) 

The only challenge we have with jeans, now that we’re older, is the fit. Style is important but fit is the hardest to get right, especially with online purchasing.  They stretch out after wearing them for a couple of hours so we still want them tight enough to avoid becoming baggy. What we really need from jean manufacturers is consistent sizing and an attractive fit.

The jeans I'm wearing in this picture are too droopy for anything other than walking your puppy in the woods. Perfect for muddy paws, drool, and yards of shedded fur. My rear end looks a lot bigger and unexercised than it is. (or wait...does that puppy make my butt look big?)   

The right fit can flatter your body and show your curves in all the right places. They can give you long legs or they can turn you into a gibbering nightmare sporting a camel toe. Plus, the words “muffin top” are only good in actual muffins. When applied to jeans, it’s cringy. 

        Things to keep in mind when picking out jeans:

  • Most of us look good in a high-rise waist, this way it can help with holding our tummy in and decrease the dreaded muffin top. (I KNEW you’d go there! BUT EWW. No! Not Mom jeans of the 80’s.)
  • Dark jeans are slimming, we all should have a few deep dark navy jeans. 
  • Invest in a pair of black jeans. You’ll be surprised how often you grab them.
  • Get jeans for fun. It’s great to have a red or white pair for summer. Make sure white jeans are thick enough to avoid see thru panties.

What jeans should you have in your closet? Go with more than one style.  

A boyfriend cut has a loser fit, sits loose around the mid-hip, and sports a straight leg. Flare bottoms are making a flashy comeback with studs on the back pocket and bling.This year, embellished jeans are appearing everywhere. I love them. They have beading, embroidery, ribbons, and all sorts of bling. 

Overall, because I'm long waisted and have short legs for my height, I prefer a classic straight leg or boot cut and a mid-rise to high rise waist to help your legs look long and lean. They work with flats, heels or ankle booties. I can’t wait for skinny jeans and skinny capri jeans to hit the national dustbin. 

My go to jean is the easy-fit, boot-cut by Grace In LA. The "easy fit" just means it's not a low rider. It's mid-rise. They also have plus sizes and little girl sizes. 

The place I'm walking in the above photo is in a hidden road in South Carolina. I call this place the LowCountry Cathedral. It is truly awe-inspiring and even if you can't get there yourself, you can get a piece of it for your walls. It's a restful thing to have and be reminded of nature's healing power. You can grab a copy of it on ArtPal. Click here to go see what I have up there.  

How do Cowgirls handle bunions?

How do Cowgirls handle bunions?