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The only way to get thicker, healthy hair.

The only way to get thicker, healthy hair.

When I was a child, my mother washed my hair once a week on Saturday so as to be ready for church on Sunday. She would style it in long curls wrapped around her finger, using Dippity-Do, and secured with bobby pins. This was soft enough to sleep on and in the morning my hair would be dry. She’d curl it in long old-fashioned curls. (If you’d like to see a photo of my 5 year old curled self, let me know. Also, I was 48 in the image above.)

Eventually, I learned how to do this myself until the early 1970’s. That's when blow-dryers gained much needed safety regulations and became popular.

When that happened, people started washing their hair more frequently. Not only did women burn their bras, they fried their hair and, as result, started cutting it more frequently. Gone were the big bouffant hairdos that would last at least a week.

Being a fashionable teen, I dutifully got a blow dryer but I soon realized that daily blow-drying and washing made my hair thin and damaged with dried-out tips and an oily scalp. It ruined my hair. ( My mother made me cut it off and get a perm which was worse! I have pictures of that too. Wanna see?)

Hair isn’t alive once it grows out of the follicle. And unfortunately, once it’s damaged, it can’t heal. It can be treated and trimmed but it can’t heal itself. Instead, hair must be protected and preserved as it grows out.

For my hair, I decided long ago that the best hair would be undamaged hair. I don’t color my hair. I don’t wash it daily. I rarely use a blow dryer. Of course, it’s time consuming to have healthy hair that doesn’t look like a frizzy mop but I consider it time well spent. I air dry it overnight and then, next morning, I give it some body and shape using large hot rollers or large barrel curling irons. I do use misted heat-protector spray. I don’t use styling or finishing products like hairspray or gel except for days with high humidity. I’ve included links to everything I mention so you can obtain it and try it.


I've developed to tricks and hints to help you have beautiful hair.

  • To gain thicker hair, wash it less often. Seriously. Stop washing it. Each time you wash your hair, you lose hair that isn’t finished with its life cycle. This thins out the number of hairs on your head. Plus, the more you wash it, the more sebum is being generated to compensate for what you wash away. You’re helping to create your oily scalp. Just stop washing as often. Go to two days, then to three and then drop to every fourth day. (use dry shampoo when needed) BUT... this is a long term process. It will take you several years to regrow a long and healthy head of hair.
  • If you have damaged hair, already, while you're growing in new healthy hair, you can protect the old hair with henna. Each hair shaft can be thickened and protected by the use of natural henna. BUT you can’t color hennaed hair. Coloring your hair means the cuticle is roughed up to get the color into the core of the hair shaft. (Coloring isn’t good for your hair!!) Henna, on the other hand, covers the cuticle so that each hair is thicker and the cuticle is flat so it shines more. 
  • When you wash, use acidic hair products to help the cuticle or outer layer of hair to seal itself and retain moisture. Rinse with diluted vinegar or lemon juice. (a teaspoon in 8oz of water.)
  • Remember, always nurture the cuticle of your hair. When you air dry, don’t scrub it with the towel. Don’t brush wet hair and don’t comb it.
  • I also use Moroccan Oil every other washing. It’s outstanding and I can’t explain enough why it’s worth it. Argan oil is super but too many manufactures dilute it. The formula used in Moroccan oil is perfect for my hair but you might prefer the pure stuff. Both are excellent.

Did you know European and American hair isn’t completely desirable for wigs and hairpieces? (The best places are India and China.) According to the NY Times, Locks of Love reported that 80% of the donated hair they obtain is thrown away. Not only is it often poorly captured and can turn up moldy, it’s often too over-processed. Pretty sad. 

We are learning that the least amount of processing is healthier when it comes to just about everything. Keep that in mind as you choose your food and your style. Take time to choose the healthy options whenever possible. 

The product links: (Forever 21 sold out of that t-shirt so I found something close on Amazon. I’ll receive coffee change from any purchase you make via these links. Thank you for it. I'll get tea in our honor! You will not be charged more. The manufacturers appreciate your purchase and my endorsement.)






My fellow blogger, Fiorello Reategui, tried a new product by Tresemme and reviewed it on her blog. If you found my article of interest, you'll enjoy her review also. Click here to read her experience with the newest product in the arsenal of affordable hair care. Don't forget to leave her a shout out and comment. 

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