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Style Starts Here!

Style Starts Here!

Chad and Nan

Do you wobble when you wave?

Wobbling arms are not fashionable. Get Thyself into thy gym.

Except... You cringe at the idea of gym suits. Workout clothes! We all remember those ugly school uniforms and bulky, manly sweat clothes but those days are gone. Now, we have fabric blends that are SO tight they're called compression pants. (Mom used to call that a girdle with support stockings.) There are fancy shirts and shorts made of a magical wicking material that soaks up sweat. I don't know where it goes. (I try not to think about it.)

There are yoga pants, leggings, joggers, and more...each has a variety of blends, thicknesses, and stretchiness. 

When we decide to squeeze ourselves into these clothes, we find that some show every bulge, bump, and cellulite mark on our skin. Then, feeling hideous, we are expected to move, lift, jump, jog, and stretch in ways we have not done in a long time, if ever. (older generations of women were taught NOT to sweat! Ladies don't do that!) It's a case of jiggles, sweat and tears. (Seems so cruel...Because it IS!!!.)

I have paid a personal trainer class (split with several others to make it just under 100.00 per month. It's a class.) to put us through drills that never seem to end. Twice a week we are run through a High Intensity work out. The rest of the time I walk between 4 and 5 miles each day unless it's raining or cold and then I just whine. With Gusto. (Also, I adore Chad but he can be brutal. I call him the Chadinator. He is as relentless as the terminator. You think you're going to die but he's so nice about it. The man genuinely cares for the people he shreds.)

BUT I've learned that the number one anti-aging elixir is exercising our bodies. It was devastating to realize that donuts are an enemy of blood sugar, swollen finger joints, and wobbly waves (and fannies). Sugar, soda, even diet soda, are BAD. 

Go to a gym. Becuz...who wants to wear spanx all the time?

  • Dress for the part every time you work out, it will motivate you in the right direction.
  • Set a time that allows you the time you need to complete your work out.
  • Track your success no matter how small.
  • If you miss a day don't give up, start again.
  • Set a goal every week and make it realistic and achievable.

Click here to get some gym duds that work. 

If  you don't have a gym handy or you need a really nice person to help you get started, Contact The Chadinator. He even has an online program for 30 bucks a month if you don't live close by. It seems to help if we make a commitment to someone outside of our mirrors. 

The only way to get thicker, healthy hair.

The only way to get thicker, healthy hair.

Have you seen Joyce’s Wise Women?

Have you seen Joyce’s Wise Women?