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How do Cowgirls handle bunions?

How do Cowgirls handle bunions?

Fashion forward women have usually worn the best footwear all their lives. We’ve stomped, strutted, glided, and sashayed our way through the hordes of hopeful men, outstanding careers, and packs of racoon-eyed mean-girls. We’ve reached our current legendary status aided by an arsenal of ravishing gams with Betty Boop’s walk. (Instructions: lift with the knee! Cross the gait in front ever so slightly.)

And now we have Bunions. Any shoes can cause bunions to become painful, they can lead to blisters, arthritis, bursitis, or a host of nasty problems, so babying our feet is necessary.

Style, however, shall NOT be sacrificed to boring ballerina flats and chubby sneakers. Here’s what to do.

  • Super high heels are out of the question but if you miss having the height, choose shoes with a lower heel and a platform. A 1-inch platform sole will reduce your heel height by 1 inch. If you buy a platform pump with a 4-inch heel, you actually have only a 3-inch heel. That’s VERY doable.
  • Platform Wedges also provide height, but distributes weight much better than regular heels. Perfect for day wear.
  • Form fitted “rocker” soles can support your foot and keep it from bending.
  • Avoid cheap poorly made shoes and “pleather” that restrict your feet.

Here’s a trick that works for some people if you wear heels and need to be on your feet. There is a nerve that runs between the 3rd and 4th toes. Before going out, tape those toes together using flexible fabric tape or clear medical tape. (a Band-Aid works) This adds support to the nerve and takes the pressure off the ball of the foot. You’re welcome.

Your footwear as you get older still needs to be fashionable. It needs to make a statement or, in some way, adds to your overall look.

Here are some statement shoes to consider.

Cowboy boots often have a rocker sole and you can manage a loose, rangy stride in these. It’s rare in any other footwear. You know, Buttercup, there’s a lore and a history to Cowboy boots. They give you Attitude. Plant your feet and let your inner Flinty Clint loose.

I have the Black Invy boot by Dan Post and love them. These are authentic cowboy boots! Go up a half-size or they’re difficult to get on. Get the Bootjack, too or you’ll never get them off. Also, get these socks. They are a miracle of sockery.


I adore Booties by Jeffery Campbell and the Rocker sole sandals by Bionica in their Sirus Wedge.

I also love any shoes with a vintage look and feel. The L’Artiste by Spring Step Women's Greentea Dress Pump is such shoe. Not really a pump, it’s more of a bootie. They have a super fun Bohemian line of shoes, too.

For work or dress up when you need something to wear with a dress the DREAM PAIRS Tiffany Women's New Classic Elegant Versatile Low Stiletto Heel Dress Platform Pumps Shoes are excellent. Mine seemed to run a bit big so size down a half size. I normally wear an 8 but needed a 7.5 in these.

Whatever your style and bunion size, you can still be fashionable and comfortable. Don’t settle for just comfort.

Never settle.



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