Living a life of Beauty, Culture and Wisdom.

I once read an article that said the worlds of art and fashion and philosophy would never meet. (Except when you think you need an new outfit for a gallery opening.) I disagree. I think they're all one world. I think they're the culture of the civilized human. A forgotten place that, the days, we only remember at wedding, funerals, or formal dinners. 

Perhaps the chasm began when fashion, art, and philosophy each became so heavily politicized they forgot what they were doing. Henceforth, we're planing to heavily ignore politics and share our joy in beauty, culture, and wisdom. 

Why did I call this Iron Feather Tea??

Iron is for strong spines that hold us firm when we want to collapse. The iron in our souls no matter what. The iron we lift in the gym that protects our bodies, and even the way we still iron our clothes.

Feather is for the glamour of Haute Couture, alongside of the flights of our artistic souls, the scribe of a quill, and the faith of believing we're covered by an angel's wing.

Tea represents our community of thought, ideas, and values. Tea is part of the philosophy of gathering together in a civilized manner. In our logo, the "A" is fist bumping the "E" in the word tea. 

Nan Mac is an award-winning photographer, a published arthor and a recognized guidepost for Art and Fashion.

About Nan

Many bloggers use stock photography but all the images on Iron Feather Tea are original because I’m a commercial photographer. (Stock photography displeases me since it cheapens the work for all talented Photogs. Don’t get me started.) I specialize in Architecture, Product and Food, and Fine Art photography and was featured in Creative Quarterly Magazine in the 2016 issue #42. I’m one of 2 women worldwide who won Communication Arts Magazine’s Excellence in Photography award in both 2013 and 2015. I won 2017 recognition on Houzz as one of the Best Photographers for their 40 million viewers.

I’m listed with Charleston’s Gibbes Museum of Art - Society 1858’s roster of Southern Artists whose work contributes to a new understanding of art in the South. Art and ongoing education is good thing so I’ve also studied Art as an Alternative Investment online with the London branch of The Sotheby’s Institute. (but I do not recommend taking their classes.)

The phrase “Literature Photography” is a term I coined to describe the duel creativity of writing poetry and paring it with Fine Art Photography so that the art isn’t IN the book, it IS the book. I have a such a book on Amazon.

I came to photography by way of fashion, modeling, and make up artistry. I’ve stomped my way down a few runway shows and done some modeling back in the day. (I'm just a little clumsy. I like to think it's part of my charm.) ~~~ 



On the personal side of things, I'm a two-time cancer survivor. (One was minor. The other was not.) And I'm the mother of a young man with some challenges. He was born early at 1lb, 9oz (A Fluke. No one's fault) and it left him with Cerebral Palsy and a severe vision impairment.

It also gave him something called Non-Verbal Learning Disability, which means that my little guy understood language but none of the non-verbal cues that accompany it. Since then, he's done well but, complicated by his low vision and even though he has a normal IQ, he's often confused by human communication. (But then again, who isn't these days? Amirite?) 


It was my job to explain everything to a child who couldn't see and who didn't understand but who was intensely curious about everything. This meant that after 30 years, I'm an on-the-job expert in Human Language and Communication. Body Language and Facial Expressions are also in my wheelhouse since those are other cues my son didn't understand.  

I have a dog named Uncle Bob. He's a Golden Retriever and is, possibly, magic. Then, there's the tiny, beautiful, black, feral cat who adopted me 9 years go. (I think she felt sorry for me. Lowly Human.) Her name is Rockette. She's named after those high-steppin' butt-kicking ladies that grace the stage at Radio City Music Hall. Because they're Fierce. ~~~