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Some folks call it a blog but we're a publisher of  articles that are syndicated to Apple News, and will soon begin featuring our posts on on the Blockchain. We'll also be adding more contributors. So we're a little more than a fashion blog.

Now, we do tackle our share of fashion, beauty and style but we also take a hard look at the culture that's shaping our world. We have carefully selected partnerships with brands that reflect our love of maturity, bootstraps, nature, art, and beauty.

When you want to understand the how and why of something, or figure out your personal style, or discuss a new idea, this article section is for you. 


This page leads you to a menu of our looks. These are hand selected and most are things we've bought and tried ourselves. Here, you can make selections of various fashion items, trends, and emblematic style components to save you time. What looks good with what? We've shopped the stores to find what works so you don't have to waste time and money figuring it all out. 

You don't have to page though the blog posts to find a style you've seen mentioned. But remember, sometimes, things sell out fast. 

If you just need a fast purchase. Visit the shopping pages, peruse the items we've showcased, click on the ones you like and purchase. Simple and fast. 

About the Name

Iron is for strong spines that hold us firm when we want to collapse, the iron in our souls no matter what, and the way we still iron our clothes. Feather is for the glamour of Haute Couture, alongside of the flights of our artistic souls, the scribe of a quill, and the faith of believing we're covered by an angel's wing. Tea is our community where we connect, relax, and prepare to go again. In the logo, the "A" is fist bumping the "E" in the word tea. It makes me smile. 

If you want to be included, follow us, join us, and contribute with us.We're a family of people who proudly display their pride and self-respect by showing up, standing up, and showing out.  

Fashion, Art, and Modern Philosophy

Become Beautiful, Cultured, & Wise.

For women with iron spines & feathers in their soul, with tea for you & me. 

Innovative. Original. Offbeat.